HOA Information

  • The Homeowners Association does not operate a sales or leasing office. Please contact your real estate agent for information about properties for sale.
  • Please ask your real estate agent for updated information regarding Initiation fees, Gate Entry Transponder Costs, and Annual Dues.
    • Annual Assessments are due twice a year and cover the cost of common area and amenity maintenance, road paving, infrastructure management, 24/7 manned entrance gates, safety and HOA staff salaries.
  • Ask your real estate agent about Architectural Standards Guidelines if you are planning on renovating the exterior of your home.
  • Residents may not operate motorcycles on neighborhood streets nor park camper vans or boats in driveways.
  • Traffic safety (speed limit and stop sign compliance) is regularly monitored and enforced.

Contact the HOA by calling 770-998-0131

Architectural Standards Committee (ASC)
Project Review Highlights*

The ASC must review and approve all proposed residential construction undertakings pertaining to alterations, expansions, and remodel projects affecting the exterior of a home and/or its grounds.  This includes:

  1. Alterations to existing landscape costing over $5,000
  2. All driveway projects
  3. Changes to the current paint scheme
  4. Alterations changing existing passage doors and windows
  5. Additions and changes pertaining to retaining walls and fences
  6. Additions and changes for decks, porches, patios, pools and sport courts
  7. All tree removal

Please ask for a full copy of ASC guidelines to understand the Pre-Construction and Construction Approval Process, which includes regular meetings with the ASC and presentation of full architectural, site, grading, drainage and landscape plans.  City of Johns Creek permits may also be required.

*These are simply highlights of the Guidelines. Please obtain a full copy of the Guidelines prior to initiating any exterior projects to your home.

Resident Quote:

“I love driving through our gates. I feel like I can relax from the crazy outside world and enjoy the peace of home.”